10 days

Has it really been ten days since you left me?  Seems like forever.

Has it really been ten days since you left me?  Seems like a minute ago.

And  I must start to get back to everything that just seems so trivial now.  Laundry.  Accounting.  Groceries.  One step at a time.  Today I begin making my way through the piles of work and mail and Christmas cards.

Snow Heart

My health insurance jumped way up for 2016, and so I have to go on the internet and search new plans.  You would have done that and tried to explain in detail just what was the benefit of this one or that one and all the while I would just tell you that you knew best so just pick one and I would just pay it.  Ricky filled out my passport renewal when he was here.  He thinks I should travel.  I want to tell you all of this in person.  I cannot.  I want to stop feeling sorry for myself.  I cannot.  I want to stop reaching for your hand.  But, I cannot.  Your mom got her gift card at City Market and was so pleased.  I haven’t forgotten what you wanted her to have for Christmas … Harry & David pears and a new microwave.  I am working on it.  I must get back to work while I still have some focus left.  

I miss you so much.  I love you.