i think that i shall never see … a poem as lovely as a tree

December 20 2015

Today, the kids and I walked the Pantano River Park Way to find the tree planted in your memory.  The weather for the past week has been biting cold.  This morning, the clouds were few and the ones that did appear, were white and fluffy.  The sun was shining and the sky was the bluest of blues.  As if the morning was meant just for our little excursion.

Your tree is number 61 in the Garden of the Flute players.  I think the city began this project when we lived in Virginia, because you and I had never even seen it.  Kerri carefully pointed out the markers and explained the drawings on them.  As other walkers and bicyclists passed us along our travels, Abby and Max were all too helpful in pointing out the signs and “guiding” us to the right area.

And then there it was.  Your baby tree.  #61.  Your tree is next to a tree dedicated to (and I kid you not) Christ and Mary.  Seriously.  What could be more perfect.  Jeffry and I had a little chuckle over your “tree neighbors”.

It’s a nice thing the City is doing there.  I think you would be pleased to be a part of it.

Rest easy, honey.  I love you.

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