Gdovins and More … Family History

This section of pages will record pieces of family history.  On this front page, I will post photos or tidbits of unknown origin or background.  Many of these treasures were in the property of my late Grandmother, Marjorie Grace Tabor.  Even though I do not know the names or the circumstances, they deserve to be acknowledged!

Photo in the bottom left was taken at 4500 Perry Street, Denver CO; my Grandmother Tabor's home.  Do not recognize the child playing in the yard.
Photo in the bottom left was taken at 4500 Perry Street, Denver CO; my Grandmother Tabor’s home. Do not recognize the child playing in the yard.  Notice the little market across the street?  The Gdovin siblings spent many hours in and out of that store.  We could buy 5 pieces of candy there for 10 cents!

Little Girl

Ross, John

This was the name on the photo. I do not think he is part of our family, but only further research will tell.
This is written on the back of this particular photo.  James Benjamin Daigle was my great grandfather, and I do know that when he built the house on 4500 Perry Street in Denver, that the Gilliand brothers are the men who built the china cabinet that graced Grandma’s dining room.  They actually built the china cabinet right into the walls, so we were unable to have it removed intact before the house was demolished.  So, perhaps one of these gentlemen is Jack Cook and the other, Columbus Gilliland.  Grandma’s house was built circa 1898-1900.  Anyone have ideas on what kind of uniform the man in the front of the photo is wearing?
portrait by “DeLux” studio
The young man in the oval frame, has some strong resemblance to Mark & Larry Gdovin and Julian Farmer, so I am wondering if he is related some way. Anyone think the same?

No markings on these professional photos at all. A young girl and boy. Difficult to distinguish ages. The clothing on the boy is interesting … dress (formal) knickers, long jacket with a wide one button belt, pocket hankie and perhaps a pen or pencil in his pocket?
These photos look as though they are from two events. The upper three all have some of the same ladies in the same clothing and hairstyles. The address number on the house is 1364, but the street is unknown to me at this time. In the bottom left hand photo, notice the young boy sneaking in behind the ladies (girls), as they pose for possibly a confirmation graduation or some other such event.

3 thoughts on “Gdovins and More … Family History

  1. I am a Gdovin girl also. My name is Deborah and my father was Luther. My son is Jameson. I came from Nanticoke Pa.
    My father’s family settled in Jessup near Scranton and he had three siblings John Matilda and Emma.
    Please feel to correspond.
    My mother’s name was Constance Gayewski.

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    1. How exciting to meet another Gdovin Girl! I am forwarding your info to my son, Jeffry Gardner since he does all of our family research. Let’s see how we are related!


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