maybe not such a good idea…


Beatles Channel 18 – Sirius XM

Perhaps I was a bit hasty when I heard that Sirius was going to devote an entire channel to the Beatles.  Sign me up!

and I did.

Before we were married, I didn’t really share the Beatles with you.  They were not your kind of music, and I easily settled into your Motown and classic country.  Later on, I recall several road trips where I listened to the Beatles for hours on end.  I could always tell when you were nearing the end of your patience with my music when you would put a handful of sunflower seeds in your mouth at one time and I would hear the crunch and look over at your jaw tightly clenched.  I knew when to quit.

I love the Beatles.  I can listen to them for hours on end.  Their early songs always remind me of that time of the feelings of my first true love – you.  Just the simplicity of the music and the phrasing of the lyrics.  Always makes my heart skip a little.  Their music brings back memories and discovery of a brand new love.  And now I find myself smiling at the beginning of some songs and getting teary before the song ends.  A genuine tug at my heartstrings.

I’ll be coming home again to you love,
Until the day I do love.
PS I love you

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