do you know

how difficult it was to take my first vacation without you by my side or knowing that you were home, waiting for me to return?

Of course, I have enjoyed my time with Ricky and grandkids and that sweet great grand baby – our first!  What I miss is sharing the moments with you.

I would have told you that after I departed the plane, I was almost knocked down by a man-sized hug from a mere 12-year-old we know as Mateo.  A softer, squishy hug followed from  sweet Marluce and then, of course, Ricky.  I got roses and caught up on the northern Virginia life of a 4th and 6th grader with chatter so fast, it was hard to catch everything.  You would have just listened and enjoyed trying to unscramble the various conversations.

I would have told you how Ricky made the mistake of telling me I could do whatever I wanted to the apartment decor?   And, I did.  Well, as much as I could squeeze in during my visit.

I would have told you that Tristan, Drake and Connor drove 3 hours to spend a day and a half with Ricky and I and how Tristan just dropped her bags to make her way to her Connie Grammie for a long and teary hug.

I would have told you about Marluce’s first communion and a big luncheon afterwards, and about Nydia taking a selfie and how Karolina was explaining to the entire table how her butt was “shiny” while really grasping for the English word “white”.

I would have told you all about the kid’s chorus concerts and how Mateo wears Ricky’s clothes now and how cute Marluce’s curly mane of hair is under her softball helmet.

I would have told you about Ricky’s and my drive down to Glen Allen Virginia to spend the night so we would only have to drive an hour to get to Tristan, and how we solved all the world problems on our way.

 And you would have laughed when I told you that Tristan’s house doesn’t show up on the GPS, and how she told us that when we saw the road sign Jenkins Drive, which is where she lives, that we were not to turn there because that was actually just a neighbors drive way and didn’t lead to Jenkins Drive at all..  We had to turn on the road right after Jenkins Drive. 

I would have told you how your oldest granddaughter and her little family are so loved that this was the biggest 2-year-old birthday party I think I have ever attended.  And I wouldn’t have had to tell you that Tristan gave a tearful little speech about losing her grandpa and then released balloons with notes written on them – for you.  And after, how I melted into her arms with tears streaming down my face and hers.

I wouldn’t have had to tell you that part.

Because you would be here.

Waiting for me.