Imagine this day if we were still together.  Still here.  Still us.

All day long I would try to keep my mind on work.  Waiting for the doorbell.  Butterflies until that magical moment when a stranger would be at the door with forty eight perfect red roses with bits of greenery peeking out here and there.  No fillers like Baby’s Breath distracting from the beauty of a sea of velvety red lusciousness.  Imagine the scent for days and days.  Imagine you walking through the front door that evening casually trying to inspect each and every bud and counting to make sure they got it just right.  My heart pounds just thinking it.  Imagining it.  And remembering how you took the time each year to meticulously order the roses and how you wanted them arranged and what you wanted in the vase with the roses.  Lemon leaves were your favorite.  Polished and shiny.  A florist suggested them once and the effect was amazing next to the red.  Imagine my tears as they always came when I thanked you for remembering.

I’m smiling now.  Because I can imagine.

I am forever in love with you. happy anniversary.