another Christmas

This will make the 6th. Feels like the first. Feels like the millionth. My head is filled with tons of memories of falling asleep in your arms on Christmas Eve to awaken on Christmas morning to Christmas kisses, kids giggles and wrapping paper that was once perfectly around a box with neatly folded edges and matching real ribbons being torn and littered all around the Christmas tree, exposing wishes that have come true. After the riot of opening gifts has quieted, the kids scatter to their favorite areas in the living and dining rooms and fold their new clothes and line up their gifts, read instructions, construct whatever needs to be constructed and methodically go through each and every item, enjoying each gift. You flit between each child helping where needed and playing when necessitated!

But now, there is no more. No more teasing kisses. No more private jokes. No more special looks. No more finishing each other sentences. The pain does not come with the memories. The memories are sweet. The pain comes from the fact that there will be no more.

I miss you more than anyone could ever understand. Our relationship was so special. We knew what it was like to protect each other…to adore each other…to know each other. There will never be another. Not like you.

I love you. I hope you know and feel that.

View Of Lonely Christmas Tree On Snow Covered Hill In Biei Hokkaido Japan  High-Res Stock Video Footage - Getty Images