the condo

Our condo is for sale.  For 75k less than when we sold it.  I looked at the photos online…they have painted it some gawd awful colors … took all the closet doors out of every room – not sure why.  Our entire backyard is gone – the beautiful mock orange that smelled so sweet all spring and summer and my rose bushes – all gone.  The tiled countertops and the 5 seat breakfast bar are all still intact.  I thought I might buy it back, but it is really too big for just me.

But it made me remember our discussion not too long ago – I asked you of all the homes that we owned together, which one would you want to live in again.  Your reply – the condo.  We fell in love with that home after taking the first three steps inside the entry.

I drove by it today.  I thought I would have a twinge of nostalgia – and perhaps it was there for a moment.  But I know that I could never live in that home again without you.  Just another thing to add to the “never again” list.rec_blind_fig_12_own_house_drawing_sm

I love you.