Everyone measures  time in their own way.  New mommies use weeks and months.  Teachers mark time in semesters.  Time has taken on a whole new meaning for me.  Not in seconds  or hours, but in  entirely different ways.


It has been 103 days since I awoke to your crystal blue eyes.  It seems like forever since I have heard your laugh.  Has it really been only four months since you held my hand?

Time passing cannot always be counted on your fingers or marked off a calendar with a big X.  Time doesn’t always show itself on a clock or a cell phone.  Sometimes, it just marches across your heart until you feel the unmistakable stomp that forces you to shudder.  Sometimes it gently touches your lips with a faint smile or pours out of your eyes like a spring rain.

it’s a tricky concept – this thing we call time.  4 months can seem like an eternity or it can seem like seconds.  Either way, time changes everything you think you know.  

2016 03 30 blog

Can’t say that I am much of a fan of this trickster.  I guess only time will tell.