pedaling as fast as I can

I figure that if I keep busy 20 hours a day and allow only 4 hours for sleep – maybe I won’t think.

Think about you and about us and memories of beautiful vacations and just plain days when we sat in our chairs next to each other; holding hands and reading our books.  I think I liked those days most of all.  Another thing to miss.

Time is passing by.  Our grand babies are no longer babies.  Time was the enemy when I lost you.  You were so weak by then.  If I could have held time still, I surely would have.  But then, there is never really a good time to lose part of yourself – your heart.  Physically, the heart is strong.  Spiritually, the heart has faith.  But Personally, the heart is broken and has lost it’s sparkle.  Nothing is the same.

I am taking it still, one day at a time.  And I am working on slowing down a bit.  So what if the tears come when I have a quiet moment.  I think that’s okay now.

Mountain biking down hill descending on bicycle.