i listened to your voice tonight

and I smiled through the tears.

I thank God for Jeffry every day for saving those little voice clips.  It came to me that those little blurbs must have really meant something to him – even just for a moment or humor that you often shared with him.

“Jeff. I am your Fa-ther”.  I know it is from some movie you both liked that I know nothing about.  But I imagined Jeffry giggled when he heard it and then saved it.   I am so grateful that he did.

It’s the little things like hearing your voice – so deep and strong – that gets me through the days.

Image result for and i don't want to forget how your voice sounds now that you are gone

How I wish that something could get me through those nights.  Nights that feel fifteen hours long but result in only three hours of sleep.  You used to sing to me.  Can you just do that one more time?