big girls

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Abby turned 3, just a few weeks before you left.  She delights in riding in the car with both of us wearing our sunglasses, as she declares “we are the cool girls.”

But her very favorite starter is “sometimes, big girls …”  Since she is now a big girl, she uses this starter to her advantage if she wants help getting dressed … “sometimes big girls need a little help!” or if she doesn’t want any more dinner … “sometimes big girls need to rest their tummy” … which is always followed by three deep breaths.  

Today was an Abby and Nana day.  I had to work part of the time, but we took some time to run a few errands and play together a bit.  Still, it was a rough day for me.  Valentines and gifts all over the stores remind me of the Valentine cards from the past and none in the future – at least not from the love of my life.  Then Easter will be upon us as well as our wedding anniversary.  After that, one of my favorite celebrations for you and I – May the Three.  Gone are the future days we always thought we would celebrate together.  From time to time, I would turn away from Abby to hide the tears, until I couldn’t.  She did not see the tears, but she heard a few soft sobs.  A delicate voice from behind me …

sometimes big girls cry, Nana.”

Sometimes they do, Abby.  Sometimes they 17b