Christmas has come and gone …

All five Tucson Gardners travelled to Virginia to spend the holiday with our Leesburg family of loved ones.  We had dinners together and a Christmas evening movie together.  Gifts were opened and thank yous were spoken and last minute shopping was successful.

Everything was perfect.

but you weren’t here.

I thought of you often during the day and evening and how you would respond to the grandkid antics and how you would have fallen in love with Isabel and the kids.  And I wanted so much for you to have that opportunity.  I am so sorry that you missed it.

But, I will be totally honest here – I am mostly sorry for another Christmas without you.  It will always hurt when I awake and you are not next to me.  That is the greedy me and I make no apologies.  I miss you so very much.


Merry Christmas, honey.  I love you more than you would ever know.