Avis – Lenox


Joseph John Lenox [1808-1850] and Elizabeth Avis [1812-1875]

187 years ago today marked the wedding of Gunsmith Joseph John Lenox [1808-1850] and Elizabeth Avis [1810-1875], my Great (x3) Grandparents.Like Samuel Trail [1807-1877], they lived in Harpers Ferry (though Joseph died of Consumption in 1850, well before Samuel moved to the area).  Elizabeth remained in Jefferson County, however, living with her 4 kids and mother Rebecca (who evidently owned the home).   It was there that her daughter  Mary Frances Lenox [1842-1895] would meet Thomas Henry Trail [1836-1902].  They married and moved to Kansas to homestead.

Joseph and Elizabeth lived in the Bolivar area of Harpers Ferry, removed from the chaos of the armory district but still in the center of hostilities in a town that switched hands several times.  According to the National Park Service:

Bolivar Heights witnessed more battle action than any other location at Harpers Ferry. The first battle of the Civil War at Harpers Ferry occurred at Bolivar Heights on October 16, 1861, exactly two years after the commencement of the John Brown Raid. Alarmed by Union forces in the new Confederacy, especially along the Potomac River, a Confederate force under Col. Thomas Ashby struck Union Col. John Geary’s men at Bolivar Heights. Many Confederates were angry over the Union seizure of a local flour mill, which provoke some of the fighting but soon after the Confederate attack, Geary held the location and forced a Confederate retreat.