backyard glory

Bob made a little collage of some of my flowers in the backyard. With the lawn getting so nice and lush, and the flowers scattered around in colorful pottery, the backyard is really coming along. We are installing small metal fencing on the top of the block wall to mask a bit of the equipment from the lot next to our yard. Painting it with the colors in my block wall, also. I love the look and cannot wait to have it finished. Last, will be to make a playful area for the grand kids behind the shed. There is almost 6 feet width and 10 foot length that we can somehow shade a bit and make a play area. I was thinking of doing a little mural on the shed wall with a tree and a tire swing, etc. However, the trees came out – shall we say – not so good. I will have to look around and use my imagination and start over. I want the grand kids to feel at home when they finally get to America and to have a place that they will enjoy. I think they will!

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