Most of you who know us, also know that we enjoy musicals, concerts, plays, etc. Well, last night we had our first play of the fall season – and I thought it would be, well, just okay and something to get dressed up for and out of the house on a date. Was I ever surprised. No, astounded! First of all, this was at the Temple of Music & Art downtown Tucson, and we had never been to that theater before. I pictured some rickety sort of broken down place. I was so delighted when I stepped from the car (hubby always drops me at the site saving me the walk from the parking lots which may explain the girth of my derriere, but I digress) to step onto a cute two level patio. Benches and little bistro settings were scattered here and there. Some couples were enjoying a glass of wine before heading into the theater. There is also a venue on an upstairs level that features different types of entertainment. We were running late, so really didn’t have time to check out the area too much, and we headed into the theater. It is a small venue with nicely inclining seating so I really think there is probably not a bad view in the place.
So, even if the play was not all that interesting, the surroundings were fun and I settled in to enjoy a quiet evening. Big mistake. This was not the quiet concert I expected. This is a story teller one man show delivered with style and grace and class and humor and reality. And the music – this man is a fantastic pianist and from the beginning of the first number, I was silently hoping that the kid’s friend, John Jameson (remember that name – you will see him on stage and read his name on compositions – I am sure of it) had seen this play or was going to. The actor/singer/writer/musician told the life story of George Gershwin (albeit a short life) and so intriguing and entertaining was his performance, that it made you want to go and buy a book and read all about George and his brother, Ira Gershwin. The stage was one setting and you felt like an invited guest in a parlor of a historic home where a grand piano graced the room. Backdrops would fade in and out so subtlety that you barely noticed except that it made the music and the story that much deeper. You felt all of the emotions of the guest actor and when it was over, it just left you wanting more. I know, I sound like a play critic here – but if anyone has the chance to see this – do so. You will not be sorry!

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