One of the things that I so look forward to each year, is the Broadway show ticket listings of all of the shows coming to Tucson each season. Bob and I started going to see stage shows in Grand Junction over 30 years ago, at the Mesa College Theater. We couldn’t really afford tickets then, so we got signed up to attend the final dress rehearsal nights of several plays which were run exactly as the audiences would see them the next night and nights after that. After being in Tucson several years, we finally signed up for U of A presents and had 5th row seats for 6 years or so. The performances were getting not as good and the acoustics were also not so hot, so we got on the subscription list to Broadway in Tucson at the TCC Music Hall. Loved it!! Have great seats and we renew that subscription each year. Last year I also signed us up for the Arizona Theatre Company at the Temple of Music and Arts. We have 10 or so dates lined up and ready to go, beginning with CATS at the end of this month, where we double date with Jeffry & Kerri. Cannot wait.

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