say hello to summer BBQ

Tonight we enjoyed the company of family and friends with a cookout and lots of contributed dishes to share. Savannah made homemade brownies and brought them over, still warm from the oven. Hayley joined the party later. Neighbors Maria & Bettina with Bettina’s Grandma, and Tom & Mary Jo joined the party. Special guests, Jay & Jackie met some of our family & friends and relaxed on the patio. Stephanie & Ray & Lynn came armed with lots of desserts! Of course, what would a party be without Kerri & Jeffry and Chris and Maggie! Kids engaged in a very mini croquet game and conversation flowed from every inch of the backyard! The weather was perfect with a cool light breeze every once in a while. The sunset was gorgeous and the company was wonderful. We have to do this more often!


IMG_6517 IMG_6525 IMG_6557 IMG_6546 IMG_6544 IMG_6558 IMG_6538 IMG_6516 IMG_6555 IMG_6535

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