As of Late …

Well, Tucson was so nice and the temperature just right and I was thinking of having another BBQ and all of the sudden we sky rocket to 112 degrees! This is the time of year where the flowers start to wilt and the leaves turn kind of brown and I just am not crazy about the next 45 days. But, if 60 days is all you have to worry about these days, then I would say I am pretty well off! I have kept very busy inside the house with accounting and organizing. However, my fastest moving up the ladder of all time favorite hobbies now is working on my Zazzle products. I began one gallery and then decided to add three specialty galleries! I love creating the work and I love the comments I get and I really love it when someone buys one of my products! Not that you make any real money on one or two products, but it just feels good. Now, grab your tea and sit in the cushy chair and peruse these galleries and let me know what you think. Please post any suggestions or comments on the gallery site. Thanks for checking. Happy Virtual Window Shopping.

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