November at the Gardner Home

The old Gardners – not any of the younger ones!

Busy busy Busy with accounting. Wonderful Thanksgiving with Jeffry & Kerri as the hosts; Mundle and Ramsze families; Kyle & family, Mundle Grandma and Cousin Terri – lots of wonderful food and Kerri and Maggie had the house perfectly set up. Fun conversation and just a great family and friend day! On the way home, we stopped to visit with our wonderful friends, Tom and Barbara. Her sister Sadie and brother in law Delmar were visiting and that is always a treat to visit with them too!
Bob had to spend the night in the hospital Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving. He had an angiogram and had 80% blockage in the middle artery – so they put a stent in that one. Will go back in three months for the same treatment on his right artery. His left artery is 100% blocked, however, his heart grew 3 vessels on one side and 3 on the other and basically performed it’s own bypass, so the blood supply is being carried by the new vessels. Down the road in 10-15 years, he will probably need a bypass, but in the meantime, he is following doctor’s orders to perfection – already getting his blood sugars down from 440’s to the 116-160’s; has lost weight and changed his whole eating plan. Even took his own special “butter” and “salt” to Thanksgiving Dinner. It will be healthier for both of us so we should be in bikinis and speedos when we retire!
Out of the mouths of babes: Mateo: Grandma, you need to get on a plane and get out here! Chase (about the LG Rumor phone we bought him) Hi Guys! Well, I found out this phone is almost indestructable!” Quinn I wanna talk to Gwandma – Hi Gwandma, I got pretties! (hair bows) Marluce Hi, Grandma. Grandma tells her how much she loves her hair and that her hair is beautiful. Marluce: NO, it isn’t bootiful, Grandma! Tristan on Thanksgiving: Okay, I called you and you did not answer, so then you called me and I missed the call and so then I called you again and you did not answer and so then you called me again and I missed the call and so now I am calling you back and tag – you’re IT!

Now, the Christmas tree is up, most of the Christmas Greetings are in the mail; the Santa display and the snowman display are up – still much to do before our Annual Open House on December 6th. And so looking forward to seeing the faces of our friends and family! On to December!

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