1966 Lincoln Continental Ad

My hubby found this ad on Flickr. Reminded me of our very own 1966 Lincoln Continental that we bought in 1972. We loved that car. Bob would set the cruise control for 90 and away we went from Longmont to Denver or to Boulder – many times! I could lie down in the back seat and my head nor my toes would even touch the doors. So, here we are in a grainy 36+ year old photo with our “baby” – Bob, Cristopher, and me! Yes, that is our real hair and Yes, I did wear my dresses that short!

The photo of us is not very good – but, oh, look at that Lincoln! What I wouldn’t give to have a restored 1966 light metallic sage 4 door in my driveway. Alongside, would be my rebuilt old VW bug with white tuck and roll leather seats, pale yellow with pale pink fenders. My dreams for retirement transportation would be fulfilled.

By the way, Grandma Tabor took this photo while she spent Easter Day with us in Longmont.

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One thought on “1966 Lincoln Continental Ad

  1. Hey, I loved that car !!! It was always great to pretend I was being driven around by my chauffeur. I remember one time, you took Lori, me, and Cris over to see Bob at Shakeys in Longmont. The three of us were in the backseat and there was room for at least 5 more people (or so it seemed). The suicide doors were my favorite feature….thanks for the memories. I love you and miss you,Robyn


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