Modus Operandi

According to wikipedia:Modus operandi (“often used in the abbreviated forms M.O. or simply Method) is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as “mode of operation”. The plural is modi operandi (“modes of operation”).

I am in crisis mode (more commonly known to us Type A’s as Modus operandi de crisis!). Okay, I made that up. However, I really am in crisis mode. Actually, I am in that part of crisis mode where one begins to act way under-stressed while actually remaining in crisis mode, er, modus.

See, I did not listen to my youngest child as he explained that I should not install a new operating system on my computer but I talked to Microsoft forum people and they it should not cause any problems and so said the same from my hubby and as I was feeling quite smug I inserted the disk in which I had paid 222.00 for and did not want it to go to waste and how convenient it was all going to be when I could send faxes right from my laptop and so while the disk went round and round in the little drive I left my office and went to eat the delicious dinner, I cannot remember what it was now, that my hubby had prepared, feeling quite confident that I would return to pretty new screens and anxious to get right on that faxing project! (deep breath because in crisis mode there is no time and room for punctuation and pauses).


Didn’t happen. Instead, the program rolled back my hard drive to February 18, 2008 and that is when the whole modus operandi de crisis began to take over my life. For the past week I have been locating and re-building files for several accounting clients and my little design business I have going here and did I mention this is tax season and of course, everyone and every business is anxious to get my work to their CPA for huge refunds and did I also mention that yes, yes, I did get a recovery service to look at it but nothing could be done and also I am a bit ashamed (but not too much) to admit that I am almost as sorry and maybe a scooch more about losing all of my design work that I spent hours on as I am about losing my accounting??

And, so it goes from morning to early morning and will do so for another 3 weeks I would imagine. Even hubby comes home after a long day’s work and posts accounting for me. And the weather is getting nice and my grand kids need notes from their grandma and grandma needs to talk to her grand babies, and the time is non existent for my wants! However, I am going to take Sunday and sit down and pen a note to my grandchildren and plant flowers. Lots and lots of beautiful flowers so I can sit in the backyard for 10 minutes a day and close my eyes and smell the scented blossoms and feel the cool air. Ten minutes is not so much to ask for a break in the day. Yeah – sounds good. Grandchildren notes, flowers, and 10 minutes.

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