Sarah goes to Payson

The excitement of getting ready for the Fourth of July gala in Payson, Arizona! Sarah was so afraid that her luggage would get let behind, she kept a close eye on it all night! Nothing like a relaxing drive with air conditioning. See the USA in your Chevrolet … A little dinner at a local restaurant to discuss our holiday agenda! Sarah tags along with Jeffry and Kerri to see what’s happening during the Friday Night Merchants Gala. Walking thru Dowtown Payson can really take a toll on the feet. Time for a little rest and some people watching. The lady selling candy at a local shoppe was quite tickled that such a celebrity had come to their small town. Sarah promised her that she would be back! Only next time, with a huge entourage of secret service agents! Sarah and I had a lot of fun browsing antique stores. Nothing like a good shopping buddy to make the day fun! The nice gentleman at the clock repair shop was really smitten with Sarah. In his words – “What a Hottie!” Back to the Dickens home to rest before heading back to Alaska. What a wonderful time she had getting to know Payson and all of the lovely people there! Sarah wonders where her travels will take her next.

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