And, We’re Off!

After a ride to the Tucson airport ala Kerri Anne, we officially began our vacation!

So, off we flew to Washington Reagan International Airport in Washington DC (or around about there). Standing in the baggage area, I turn around to a much taller Mateo – now 5 years old and getting ready for Kindergarten. After a few sheepish looks at me, I got the best and biggest hugs – just like the old days when he lived in Tucson. And then little Missy Marluce in her Easter dress and a halo of curls showers me with hugs and immediately asks “Where’s Grandpa??” I took her over to Grandpa in line to grab luggage and she grabs his hand while Grandma rolls the luggage over to Ricky and Katia. Wow, it was wonderful to be in their company again!

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