Holiday Update

Decorations are plenty in the Ashburn home of kids and grandkids. Katia has decorated the home and the grandkids along with friends and grandma have decorated the tree. Ricky has the front yard aglow with the assistance of his two little elves. The weather here is chilly to downright cold which helps with the Christmas spirit.

Now we have our Santa Fe and have purchased 2 booster seats to allow for the company of our grandchildren. Hopefully, we shall be making regular evening treks to see the lights. The cards are all in the mail (or so I think) and it appears that the tradition of having the cards all postmarked December 1 has fallen by the wayside as I do not yet have my land legs!

Now I need to get back to my accounting so I may have the pleasure of some days off and spend some much needed time helping Mateo make cards and teaching Marluce to tap dance. Of course, there are Christmas cookies to bake and chili to make and all that goes with Christmas. I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season!

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