For Real (this time)

Yeah, I mean it.

I closed my Twitter AND Face Book accounts. I am finding this time in my life is better spent in a simpler manner. By no means do I want to lose touch with friends and family. I have just reconnected with some dear friends from my school days and I relish these rekindled relationships. So, please. Stay in touch. Check back often. Sign up as a follower so you will know when I have a glimmer of something fresh to add. Leave your comments right here on this blog and share your life with me.

Soon, I will begin writing My Story (um, for the fourth time!) It too will be here. Or pieces of it as I get it completed. It certainly will not be constructed in absolute order and will not be nominated for any Pulitzer Prize or other journalistic award. But, hey – it is therapy and surely cheaper than a shrink!

Come in & make yourself at home. Put your feet up. Let’s talk.

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