Jeffry made his first ever Crisp dessert tonight. And, quite successfully, I must say. Before I share the recipe, a little background information is in order.

Grandma Tabor and her niece and my second cousin, (Sissy to me and Grandma Sis to the other kids in the family) shared a plot of land with a family home for each. Since Mom would take us every year to visit Grandma, naturally, we were very close to Sissy and spent much of our times walking back and forth between the two homes. Sissy had the family reputation for the best in the west homemade enchiladas and cherry crisp. It was always a special treat when Sissy made her family favorite each trip we made to Denver.

When Ricky, and later Jeffry, attended Corbett Elementary in Tucson, the school held an annual multi-cultural fair, and each family was asked to contribute a dish from their family heritage. Well, I mean, come on – who out there knows of any Czechoslovakian recipes that your family regularly enjoys? Not me! So, we improvised.

How about if I make the Czechoslovakian Cherry Crisp for your school fair? Yaaay, Momma. Sure!!

And so the story goes and the kids and teachers all loved it and who knows? Perhaps this IS a popular treat in Czechoslovakia even though I got the recipe from my half Scottish second cousin. In any event, here is the recipe and feel free to change the name depending on your ancestry.


9X13 glass or metal cake pan
1 pkg white cake mix
1 1/4 cube butter
1 can cherry pie filling (may substitute peach, blueberry or apple filling as well)

preheat oven to 325
cut butter into pats and evenly distribute HALF of the pats on bottom of the cake pan
place pan into oven until butter melts
remove pan from oven and sprinkle half of the white cake mix over the melted butter evenly
empty can of pie filling over the cake mix
sprinkle remaining white cake mix over the pie filling
evenly distribute rest of butter pats on top

place in oven until edges and top are golden brown
allow crisp to cool to warm (not hot)
serve with vanilla ice cream or whipping cream

Much better the first time – tends to get runny when re-heated. Invite 8-12 guests to enjoy!

And there you have it – the famous crisp. Try it once and you will be the hit of your event. Enjoy.

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