Panini Schmanini

What is the big deal about a panini? I scratch my head in wonderment as I ponder this point. Specialty restaurants and grills and presses flood the advertising market touting the graceful lines (oh, and you can choose diagonal OR straight across), on your gourmet tidbit. Fascinating. Panini this and panini that. Guess what that specialty pork and calcium laden panini really is, my friends. Only this time, it is prepared in a 149.95 panini grille and has lines! It’s a grilled ham and cheese, people!! For some reason, people now consider paninis a culinary art. No wonder, since the lines on a sandwich carries the name of a famous Italian artist. A TRUE artist who designed sets and painted and had his talent recognized world-wide. I am sure he would be thrilled to know that his family name is now on a sandwich. A grilled ham and cheese sandwich. With lines. (insert sigh here)

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