Camp Culinary Cuisine

Planning and preparing dinner for guests is a huge task. However, nothing proved too daunting for these sous-chef grandchildren. Mateo & Marluce were quite taken with the idea of making the trifle dessert cups as the first task. I think they thought they would make the dessert, and then EAT the dessert. The whipping cream left on the sides of their arms and the counter made a satisfying treat as they completed that course.

I cannot even begin to describe the “ants on a log” appetizer process. Suffice it to say, peanut butter on the cheeks and fingers, raisins on the counter, and the sounds of celery crunching in the background, still resulted in enough appetizers for all.

Mateo observes as Marluce brushes the corn with butter and seasonings. He had the task of rolling the corn in the foil and was quite patient waiting for his turn.

Mommy and Daddy knocked on the door and Mateo hollered “our customers are here!”. Grandpa came later and dinner was served and enjoyed by everyone. A successful dining experience all in all.

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