God Bless America! July 4, 2010

Take a look at this baby girl’s hair – and only age FOUR!

Leesburg Virginia is a historic city, approximately 40 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. along the base of the Catoctin Mountain and adjacent to the Potomac River. Leesburg still offers the atmosphere of a small town years ago. The Fourth of July parade consisted of local politicians and entertainers and antique vehicles and candy tossed from parade vehicles. Very old fashioned and a great family event. Everyone stood for the American Flag. Well, almost everyone. Lawn chairs lined both sides of the streets with historic homes – some still residential and some converted to businesses – standing tall behind the spectators. It was almost like a Norman Rockwell setting. Ricky, Katia, Mateo and Marluce joined us. Grandchildren always make every event most special. They capture the soul of our own childhood and seem to make the memories of celebrations gone by, much more vivid. Hope you enjoy some of the photos taken by my talented hubs and get to relive your childhood memories through the eyes of two of my grandchildren.

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