On Sunday, August 1st, we drove about 45 miles to Old Town Alexandria. We had not been there before and as soon as we hit Old Town the words that came out of my mouth were “I want to live here forever”. Of course I say that every time we go into the old part of Leesburg, too. I love the old historic houses, especially the little bitty ones that have huge yards almost exaggerated in size.
Doors intrigue me. I think the door tells a lot about the people inside, whether it be residential or business. Now, the doors in old town Alexandria and historic Leesburg are layered with coats of thick oil based enamel paint, and when you look closely, you can tell that the colors do not change, she just gets a fresh application of make-up and lipstick, with some of the paint flowing over onto the edges of the panes of glass. I just love doors. So, while hubby rented a bicycle and toured the area, I walked about 4 miles altogether snapping photos of doors. I made them into posters, and enjoyed it so much, that the next Sunday, we drove to old town Leesburg and did the same. But that is for another posting! Enjoy the doors of old town Alexandria and listen to the stories that they whisper to you.

Alexandria VA 1

Alexandria VA 4

Alexandria VA 2

Alexandria VA 3

The Judge is before the door: he that cometh will come, and will not tarry: his reward is with him.

~ George Whitefield

It has to do – I think – with growing up in an apartment, with my aunt and my cousins right next door to me, with the door open, with neighbors walking in and out, with people yelling at each other all the time.

~ Larry David

Philosophy is like trying to open a safe with a combination lock: each little adjustment of the dials seems to achieve nothing, only when everything is in place does the door open.
~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

Alexandria ! Alexandria 2

Alexandria 3

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