and here we have the latest in school-wear …

the bubble dress with argyle patterned leggings worn by
Missy Marluce in her Village Market Blvd. premier.

Marluce visited Grandma after pre-K today. She modeled. She shopped. She played. She danced with me. She sang every Mama Mia song from the soundtrack – at least 3 times.

Marluce “Grandpa is my best Grandpa and I love him”
Grandma “Oh, Marluce, that is so sweet.”
Marluce “AND he is nice looking!”

Later in the day, Mateo joined us after a full day of First Grade!

Mateo “Grandma, I would like to watch Scooby Do, but Marluce is not allowed to watch it because she is only 4 and I am 6.”
Grandma “Well, we had better find something else so Marluce can watch as well.”
Mateo “OR, she could just go in the other room and close the door. OR you could take her shopping. Yeah. She loves to buy things.”

Kids really do say the darndest things!

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