oh, Sarah. Where art thou??

A week ago we were thrilled to play host to a young liberal couple while they were house-hunting. The bright eyed and beautiful RN is a joy to be around. The young man with the boyish grin easy with the conversation while trying to contain his enthusiasm for the big move from the great southwest to the DC metro area. We dined. We chatted. We returned to our apartment for homemade cake. Okay, the cake was a mix, but the frosting was homemade. Still, it was the gesture that counted.

The next morning, they left for Arlington and Alexandria to resume their hunt for a place to live. I went about my day – accounting and some laundry. It was not until the following Monday afternoon that I realized that the seemingly gracious young couple had, perhaps, been involved in a covert operation the likes that only could have been masterminded by my politically obsessed young son, using his influence to the far reach from Arizona to Virginia.

Sarah is missing.

Sarah has vacationed with me, partnered up with me in Monopoly, and has been my shopping buddy. And now, she is not here. I miss Sarah. And I am sure Sarah misses me. And so I make this public plea – what, oh what do I have to do for her safe return? Is it for financial gain? Revenge?? Or just pure disdain for Alaska???
Just look how her people love her!

What was the motive behind these young recently graduated smiles. What evil thoughts lie behind those sparkly eyes? I am distraught. I just keep hearing over and over in my mind … “know what the difference is between a mother and a bulldog? Lipstick!”

(oh how Sarah loves her Woman’s Club!)

The word is seared in my brain. Lipstick. I will not stop my search for you, Sarah. I am here for you and we shall travel together once again.

The faces of the couple presumed guilty, have been changed to protect their identity.

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