I’m Whirling!

What a whirlwind since I have been in Tucson. Over a week now and it only feels like a few days. Max and I normally take about a 40 minute walk in the morning after Mommy and Daddy leave for work. He sits completely still in the stroller except for moving his head back and forth to see everything there is to see. The fresh air is so good for him and he seems to like the walks – even though sometimes Grandma breaks out into song. I have visited with the Mundle family, gone out to dinner, listened sadly to the Bronco game results for 2 Sundays in a row, gone shopping, and spent a lot of time holding Max, and doing accounting late at night. Which he also likes! Yesterday we had a nice breakfast at Coco’s and then headed to the pumpkin patch later in the day. Max was quite patient with me as I stuck him on top of pumpkins, in between pumpkins, and beside pumpkins. I think you will agree it was worth the effort. Today, I will be going to a storage unit to unload the U-Haul pods into permanent storage, and commissioning Mr Mundle to sell a LOT of the storage. Hmmmm. Who thought that was the best idea in the first place? Oh yeah – ME! Upward and onward.
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