A Whole New World

Bob had surgery on Thursday to implant the access device which will allow him to perform his own peritoneal dialysis during his sleep at home. Dialysis should begin before the end of the year. With it, should come a bit of re-energizing, as the toxins are filtered out of his body. He will remain on disability until the end of the year, at least. Dialysis will most likely be a nightly routine until a kidney is available. As a sobering reminder that everyone with a driver’s license should sign up to be a donor. You never know just who you could be helping.

I have never been one to face my own mortality, and have expressed to friends and family, that it is not death that I fear, but the absence of knowing everything that is going on AND being able to voice my opinions on such. Alas, I have been informed by well educated Catholics and Mormons and Methodists and Lutherans and Baptists and more, that will not be the case. I am hoping that perhaps by the time I do face my time to leave this earth, He may grant me special dispensation to stay involved. I am fairly certain He will. And, yes. I am shamelessly kissing up to God. But, even with my fears, I am also excited at the prospect of being a donor when my time comes. If my heart that is overflowing with love for those grand babies and family and friends, can beat in another and love even more babies, that is exciting to me.

We made the move to Virginia with certain expectations. Some of those were realized, and unfortunately, some were not. This whole dialysis situation was never on the list, and has kind of thrown us for a loop (as my mother would have said). But, we are looking at the brighter side of home treatments that do not interfere with any activities. Bob will be able to work and bike and travel and anything else he chooses to do, with the exception of swimsuit modeling due to the abdominal access. Someone will come to our home, no matter where we live, every month and check our supplies and machine, deliver more supplies, rotate the stock, and we do not have to lift a finger. Arrangements will be made for our travel to have supplies shipped to wherever we are staying and a machine delivered for short term use.

All in all, it is a blessing. And that is the way we are looking at it. We have travel plans and fun things we want to do around and in DC. We have only just scratched the surface.

On a side note, Jeffry is bicycling in the Tour de Tucson this year for the American Diabetes Association. Please go to his site make a donation if you are able. Every dollar helps. We are honored that Jeffry has taken up this worthy cause on behalf of his dad and others. He’s a good egg, that kid!

It really is a whole new world. And we are ready.

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