Back to Tucson we Go

Grandma’s Sweet Boy

What is this contraption supposed to do, anyway?

Elway (the dog) can run very fast when he sees this coming at him!

Hey – I’m walking!

for another round of MAX. Just writing the name makes me smile. Max is just another name for CUTENESS. He smiles. He laughs at his Daddy’s antics. He snuggles. He crawls, pulls himself up and is wanting to walk so badly just at 9 months! He stands fairly stable and will just let go with both hands and not even realize he is standing – just for a few seconds. We had our routine down, following the schedule of meals, bottles, and naps. But we also included (normally) 2 walks a day with the music blaring from my cell phone and Max trying to sing louder than the songs. We added a few decorations here and there. We opened just a couple of his Christmas presents because I just had to see him playing with his new toys! We spent time with Jeffry & Kerri and enjoyed the Mundles as they came and went. Back to Christmas shopping we went since we already let Max open his gifts, he had to have something under the tree from us for Christmas!
And again, we were so rushed it seemed we had no time to reconnect with friends in Tucson – and for that I deeply apologize. Someday, I will become more organized – I think. Until then, know that I love you all and will do my best on the next visit.
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