my 25

 Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you and I am soo glad you have come into my life.

1.  Most people think that I am an extrovert. That is all a farce.  I am actually painfully shy and afraid of rejection.

2.  I am still at a loss without my Mom who died in 1988. I miss her “nothing new here” hour long phone calls, her holiday dinners (not for the dinner but for the company) and the way she held a family together.  I feel like I have failed her because I have not been able to do the same.

3.  I love all of my accounting clients and sincerely happy that I am able to work remotely.

4.  I not so secretly wish for all of my granddaughters to be prima ballerinas and when people flip out their granddaughter photos and say this is my little Susie and she can spell her name, I want to be able to respond with – this is my little granddaughter and she is with the New York Ballet.

5.  When my middle grandson, Mateo, smiles at me; my eyes actually tear up. Every time.

6.  I sort of like it that Marluce is so sweet faced and demure and packs a punch like a truck driver.  I like the way she puts on her “lipstick” and then lets loose a belch that rattles the dishes.

7.  I love the way Jeffry dances funny and makes Max scream with laughter.  I think Jeffry is a wonderful daddy and reminds me so much of my own dad, only WAY more involved with baby Max.

8.  If I had my way, I would keep this Leesburg apartment forever and have a condo/apt in Puerto Vallerta and Victoria British Columbia as well.

9.  I wish I spoke Spanish and French fluently – or, at all.

10. I don’t like the fact that I want a Cadillac crossover when I have always hated the fact that so many SUVs are on the road!

11. I wish there was just a little town called Gdovin Gardner Tabor Hodgson-ville and all of my cousins and siblings and grandkids and in-law families and Auntie Kay all lived within walking distance.  I think I want to be a Walton.

12. I think I have an invention that is a great idea, but the hubs kinda laughs when I talk about it.  I am not kidding – it is really a good idea!!

13. I wish I were a more positive person.  I think I am a spiritual person. I love God.  I believe in God. But I have never been “God fearing”.  I think God is nice and I am not afraid of him.  I would love to interview God and write an article – one on one.

14. I love giving people things.  I love shopping for things to give to people.  I could give shopping courses.  I have encouraged complete strangers in stores to buy something.

15. When I go to Target or the grocery store, I go up and down every single aisle.  Drives my husband nuts.  I love to have a grandbaby in the cart the entire time.

16. I enjoy creative writing.

17. I would watch “When Harry Met Sally”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Under the Tuscan Sun”, and “You’ve Got Mail” everyday if I had the time.

18. I am still upset that Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid got divorced.

19. I thought it was funny when Zsa Zsa smacked a cop.

20. I began tap and ballet lessons at age 2 with Connie Clark as my first teacher.  I studied Hawaiin and Jazz dance under Diane Collins.  I danced for 16 years.  I regret giving up lessons to this day.

21.  I played the accordian for 5 years.  And then I grew boobs and the accordian pinched my boobs.  Then I quit playing the accordian and never regretted one second of that decision.  Neither did my boobs.

22.  I loved the times when Jay and Sandy lived in Denver and Bob and I lived in Longmont and we took turns each weekend hosting double racehourse pinochle and dinner.  We would play pinochle, remind Sandy that it was her turn, eat dinner, drink lots of Kool-Aid (the good sugared kind!) and sing 4 part harmony to every song all night long.

23.  I love the fact that I got to hear Quinn being born and got to hear Max’s first cries – both over the phone.  I smile whenever I think of those days.

24.  I hate getting older.  I try to be graceful about it – but I am not.

25.  I do not like mean and spiteful people.  I do not like that I get no contact with some of my grandchildren and that they are dangled in front of me like a carrot and then pulled away on a whim.  I hate the fact that I know I will never get my hands on my old dance photo slides since my brother Jay died.  I want people to step up and do the right thing.  It’s not that hard.  I have done it.