Busy Busy Busy

Between Max visits and accounting and all of Bob’s medical appointments, our normally quiet life seems a little busier than usual.  Not complaining!  Just busy and have not had time to blog.
Old friends from high school set up a special FaceBook page for us to catch up and gossip and share laughs over old hairdos, boyfriends, and clothes we once thought were fairly cool.    It has been so much fun reminiscing and strolling down memory lane.  We all have kids and grand kids and stories to share.  A little melancholy, but entertaining all the same.  Makes me have little butterflies of nostalgia.  We discuss everything from deaths in our families to Dancing with the Stars!
Bob is getting closer to the transplant.  Maybe even around the 3rd week in November.  Exciting and scary.
Missing my grand babies in northern Virginia, but having lots of fun with Max.  Visited his school classroom on Halloween and got to join in the parade to show off their costumes.  There was a bee and a mermaid and a lion and Little Red Riding Hood and Maxwell the Monkey! 
I normally enjoy hand-making my holiday cards and annual letter. However, this year I decided to give myself a break and have been ordering handmade Christmas and Hanukkah cards from various artists on Etsy! Everyone of the 50 or so on my Christmas list will be getting different cards this year. So much fun to find these charming treasures! There is such an abundance of talent out there to explore!

Looks like the Virginia Gardners made their annual trek to a pumpkin patch!  A great family photo!

Hopefully will update my blog a bit more often.  Until next time …
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