Christmas Past

The Christmas lights are down.  Wreaths are wrapped and stored.  Ornaments fill an entire storage tub and all 98 glass icicles which adorned the petite four and a half foot tree (yes, with about 50 ornaments as well – and you could still see just a smidgen of green) have been carefully wrapped and placed in the bin.  I love my icicles, which is testament to the fact that I have only lost 2 in the past 8 years!  All of Christmas is stored in identical clear containers with red lids, save for the computer generated labels.  My holiday style purse has been put in storage and exchanged for another favorite from the Leesburg Charming Charlies!
On to my next projects:  finish painting the facade of the condo and organizing all of the garage in color coded bins! 
That’s right.  I am going to replace bins so that if I am looking for my winter clothes or my crafts, search for the pink bins, and voila!  Some say OCD. 
I say organized!

a girl can dream … 

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