A couple of Months Ago

I was still unpacking from all of the bins now moved from the storage company to our garage/carport.  I came across a very old cloth/cardboard little file box filled to the brim with recipes used by Grandma Tabor.  My sweet sister-in-law, Jane, was attending culinary school at the time (she has since graduated) and I thought she would enjoy rummaging through this vintage treasure.  I mailed it to her and she was tickled.  For 2012, she decided that each week, she would pull a random recipe card and no matter what the recipe, she would cook it for dinner.  Here was her first result:
O.K. the first random recipe out of Grandmas box, scalloped oysters, tasted good followed, exactly, except for margarine instead of butter on account of heart attacks, we had a hard time picturing Grandma eating these………..next time will add some kind of citrus…………
 Jane and Mark
Oh, THIS is going to be fun!  They are way more adventurous eaters than me.  Ewwwww – oysters!  Have fun Mark and Jane!

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