Easter 2012

What a wonderful Easter!  Lots of friends and family over (fifteen guests) Lots of food and Lots of great conversation.  And with Maxwell here for our entertainment – what could be better?  When you add Easter wishes from FB friends and family and a call from Texas sister, Robin (just like the old days where we compare what we are cooking for the holiday) a funny card from the Hubs – a successfully happy holiday indeed!

Clay and Gwen
 New Daddy Clay shows off his baby beauty, Little Miss Gwenyth.
Monica and Gwen 2
Gwenyth, sportin’ the Easter headband and getting a bit of spoiling from
Grandma Monica and Grandpa Dave (not pictured)
LeAna and Gwen 1
Mommy LeAna and baby Gwenyth.
Max and Gwen 1
Max gets in on the photo op with cousin Gwenyth.
Deviled Egg Peeps – gone completely awry!
Max and screen a
Maxwell explains to new friend Owen, the importance of closing the screen
 (sometimes before you are out of the way!)

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