Another upper CABINET on it’s way to Completion!

Fiesta Ware creamers – upper left (3 vintage and 1 reproduction)
Vintage Yellow Teapot from my sister, Robin
Vintage LuRay Pastel Blue Egg Cup from an antique sale
Tiny vintage peach/white cup made in Czechoslovakia

Pink LuRay Pastel Creamer January 1950
Green LuRay Pastel Creamer April 1948
Yellow LuRay Pastel Creamer no date
Blue LuRay Pastel Creamer November 1950

Vintage white creamer from England
Vintage blue handmade bowl from Grandma Tabor’s house

Not vintage ice cream bowls just for fun from World Market

To Do:  remove panel from cabinet door; sand, prime and paint oak to white; add glass to door. Install, and add side, bottom and top trim pieces.

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