happy 60th to BOB

With a houseful of guests (literally – a houseful!) and lots of great food and good conversation and laughs (a few tears), Bob faced the dreaded SIX-OH without incident, save for perhaps a bit of sugar overload!  Thanks to everyone for providing us with entertainment and friendship!  I will make a monthly potluck into the new Sunday family dinner!
Jay ignores all child labor laws and watches Max clean and wash the berries!

Kerri and baby seemed to enjoy dinner with Oh Pop Pop Canada.

Maggie and Bob listen intently as Chris expounds on the virtues of Olympic Teams’ Canada.

Pat enjoys her dinner on the floor.  What kind of hostess am I??

Not Pictured:  Dave & Monica Ramsze, Matt Ramsze, Me, Elway (not John – the dog!) Jamie Beckman (and her famous mousse oh my goooooooooooooooodnesssssss) Dan & Cathlene Farmer and Me – not that I did not want everyone photographed, but I seem to lose focus when I hit the food tables!
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