and so IT goes

Sometimes life is planned out and sometimes those plans don’t work.  Bob met with his potential kidney donor this morning and the donor is unable to participate in the transplant.  His doctors have advised against it and his family was uncomfortable with the procedure.  Completely understandable.

We are blessed in just knowing that this man has been poked and prodded and questioned for the past year – all to help a friend.  Yes, there ARE people like that in the world.  Bob knows one!

And so we go on with life and work and family and friends.  Bob is able to complete his daily dialysis routine through the night right in our home.  We can pick up the machine and travel (the airlines HAVE to allow the machine on board and CANNOT charge you for the additional carry on!!).  Bob is back to work at a less stressful job (Ventana tire on Sunrise & Kolb) has already been promoted to Manager and has made such a financial impact on the company that their CPA and Owner have called him several times to congratulate him on sales.  We have a new grand baby on the way for Thanksgiving and healthy grand babies back east.

I am busy with work and fixing up the little house and accounting clients and Camp Nana with Max two days a week.  He spends the night and I can count on waking up with a mini-flash lite shining in one eye and a little voice saying “wake up Nana – it’s morning time”.

We are planning on way more family/friend get togethers overflowing the tiny house!  Already planning one for September!  Also excited to attend megan and Kyle’s Wedding in Oceanside mid-September.  We have extended our trip for a week long stay and will meet up with more family to enjoy.

Thanks to everyone for the queries and good wishes and prayers.  Upward and Onward.

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