all BY myself

I installed the hinges and the doors ; the new glass doorknobs and painted the door!
All by myself.
Now I actually WANT to do the laundry!!
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One thought on “all BY myself

  1. I hate to betray a confidence. However, this one by a dear friend of mine, has left me no choice. Please read on … We will just call her, um, Pat. Yeah. Pat."You do a wonderful job! I am impressed. On the other hand, I decided I need to replace a door knob to the bathroom. Wanted to make sure after I put the cylinder-striker part in that I had it lined up correctly. Stepped into the bathroom to look and the door shut — locking me in . Of course, the knob was still on the floor on the other side of the closed door. This left me with two options — having a seat on the toilet (lid closed) or stretching out in the bathtub until I heard a neighbor outside so I could yell "help" and have them call Catherine who both has a key and a relationship with the dog so he would let her in to get me out. Or climbing out the high, little-bitty bathroom window. Since I don't see myself as the crier of "help," I chose the later which would have gone very well if the box that holds the hose had actually been close enough to the window so I could have gotten a foot on it. However, still went well (impressed the heck out of my kids who said when they were leaving without my implicit consent they never used that window because it was too high and too little) but did leave impressive bruises on the back of my legs as I had to pull myself out over the metal frame because the *&*#) hose wasn't where I thought it was. So, you do home improvement and bask in the glory — I'm giving them up! And, can we go to dinner soon (after you quit laughing)".And yes, Pat. Let's go to dinner next week!


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