as the years fly BY

Before our first child was even born, I began saving.  Just little things.  Notes from a friend; cards from special people in my life; movie tickets from a favorite show – just stuff like that.  I thought it would be fun for the kids and grand kids to look thru after I am gone and enjoy making up their own stories of why this note or what did the teacher mean by that?  One cubbie contains a note from 5 year old Jeffry to me somewhat as follows:  “dear mom.  Ricky would not let me have a peice of my candie and you said I cud have it so will you plese talk to him about this?’  Just a small example of the fun stuff I have saved.

I have stored them all in little plastic boxes with lids and labeled by the years since 1970.  I walked into Home Goods and voila!  This had to be made especially for me!  I mean, why else would I come face to face with such a piece of memorabilia furniture!  And what a price at only $199.  Alas, I walked away from the cabinet with a heavy heart.  I will hate it when I go back in that store and see that someone else with the same vision has taken it home.

I may even cry.

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