deLIGHTfully MAX

Abby is settling in her new home with Mommy on leave from work for a couple more months.  Keeping Max on his normal schedule is his parent’s priority.  They are so smart!  So, Monday and Tuesday, Max will continue to spend quality time with Oh Canada Poppa (or Chris Mundle as we know him).  Wednesday, Max attends Catalina Methodist Day School in the 2 year old class.  Poppa (Bob) picks Max up from his home on Thursday mornings and he spends all day Thursday, Thursday night and all day Friday at Nana’s and Poppa’s house.
Some highlights from this week:
Max, let’s get your underwear changed before bedtime.
  he immediately whips off his big boy underwear and tosses them on the floor.
Nana, first let’s do the naked baby dance!
  Max was supposed to be napping, but I kept hearing thuds and bumps.  Max is wide-eyed and innocent as I walk into the room, almost catching him in mid-air as he was jumping on his bed.
What’s going on in here, Max?
Hi, Nana.  ummmm, why are you in here, Nana
I had to pick up some things at Target and Max wanted to be my trusty assistant.  We piled his personal shopping cart into the back of the Hyundai, secured Max in his car seat and off we went to get some groceries and household items.  The ooohs and the ahhhhhs were in abundance, and I will admit that I was the hero of the shopping grandma’s for letting Max push his own cart and fill it to the brim with items from the shopping list and not.  When we got to the checkout, Max insisted on piling his cart items on the black belt slowly moving toward the cashier.  I notice a package of cheese and chicken chimichungas go past me into the hands of the cashier and deposited into my shopping bag.  Hmmm.  Odd.  I did not remember picking that package, but no matter.  Hmmmmm.  A Sesame Street Coloring and Activity book.moving past me on the black belt.  All of the sudden, a familiar little voice proudly announces to the cashier directly behind us “Look what I bought for myself!”
And while taking him home to Abby, he directs Poppa while driving, turn here – on Fon du Lac.  This kid is TWO.  And Fon du Lac is NOT the street where he resides, rather the street LEADING to the street of his address.  Maxwell never ceases to amaze me!

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