what a nice way to spend CHRISTMAS eve

Finishing a midnight shower, I emerge in a towel wrap and my wet hair upon my head only to come face to face with …Mateo?  I honestly could not speak and finally, after staring at the poor kid for what seemed like minutes, I was able to spit out “how did you get here?”  “Hi Grandma!  We drove here.”

I look over on the sofa and there sits a very travel weary Katia and her mom, Gloria.  Katia explained that she and her mom had left northern Virginia on Friday and had been switching driving back and forth allowing one of them to relax and catch a bit of sleep.  Nevertheless, they set aside their physical discomfort and allowed us a good memory of a most special Christmas Eve!

Thus began excited conversations about do you know what grades we are in, Grandma?” and about how long it takes to drive through the huge state of Texas.  In the meantime, Mateo makes himself a peanut butter and JAM (not jelly) sandwich to enjoy with a big glass of cold milk.  Over an hour passed so very quickly and it was difficult not to hold them and hug them every second of the visit.
Marluce always gets smiley faces from her first grade teacher, Mr Meehan.  When asked if she ever gets in trouble for talking in class she offended-ly replies absolutely not because then I would lose points!  Tears pool in my eyes and my heart thumps a bit when she tells me “sometimes I will be somewhere and I will think, I wish Grandma was with me”.
Mateo is quite excited to be getting taller and talks about being in the “upper grade levels” , which, by the way, is third grade!  He is such a sweet and gentle boy and quite demonstrative when he relays stories and thoughts.  He tells me about weather events telling me about the earthquake a year ago in the DC area that they felt “clear over in Ashburn.  I was in the basement and Mom was in the middle floor and I felt shaking and thought that Mom had fallen down.”  We all grin as Katia has never been overweight and Katia states that perhaps she was heavier then – an inside joke for the grownups.  Again I get hugs and heartfelt “I love you Grandma.  I miss you.”   Snacks eaten.  Conversations ended.  And about 1:30 a.m., Katia and Gloria need to get driving to get to California in time to have even just a bit of Christmas Eve. 

 Hugs and Kisses and more hugs before walking them to the truck.  Driving off I hear their still little kid voices “I love you Grandma.  Good-bye.  Until next time!”  My heart is so full that I can barely sleep for a few hours.  Thank you Gloria.  Thank you Katia.  Best Christmas Eve ever!!

After a few hours sleep, a few more hours of accounting and a bit of relaxing, we are off to meet Maxwell and family so Max and Abby can receive their Christmas Eve packages from Nana and Poppa.   Max was more than happy to open his package of pj’s, and Mickey Mouse and new book and then happily opens Abby’s!  Mommy read both kids books to them before they donned snuggly pajamas and went to bed to await the arrival of Santa.  So much fun to share this tradition with Max and the newest addition – little miss Abby!
Back home after enjoying some Christmas Lights.  Tomorrow is Christmas!
 Happy birthday to baby Jesus.

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