a brand new year of MAX

Max stays at Nana’s and Poppa’s house on Thursday and spends Thursday night and all day Friday.  No matter how tired or busy we are, this little ball of fire pops in the front door each week and the house really comes alive.
It has been so cold out that I thought we should do something to get him out of the house to play.  He loves the Park Place kids play area, so that was our choice this week.  I packed a picnic lunch for Max and off we went for a couple of hours of giggles and smiles and “I’m hungry now, Nana”.
At one point, some teen girls walked by and Max turned his head to catch a glimpse of the cute girls.  Poppa asked him if Max thought they were pretty.  “Oh yes”.  When Poppa posed the question, which one is your favorite, Max replied ” I like the big big tall one!”
He spies the little fountain and the coins dotting the bottom.  “Why is money in there?”  I explained that people make a wish and then toss in a coin and maybe sometimes their wish will come true.  I gave him a couple of pennies and a dime and held onto him as he expressed his first wish “I wish for an OWL” and in went the coin.  After leaving the mall, Max  and I are waiting for Poppa to bring the car around, and Max spreads his arms as wide as he can and states to everyone around “This is the best time ever ever ever!”
Back at home, I asked Max how three little cars “stuck” together.  “Well, Nana, they have mag-a-nets, and the problem is, you have to put them back to back”.  Can I remind everyone that this is from a TWO year old??

Before bedtime, Poppa and Max shared a relaxing read.



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