Starting a couple of weeks ago, we began Family Friday at our home.  Max spends Thursday nights with us and plays on Friday until a few hours before  Mommy and Daddy and Abby come over for Family dinner.
Max sets out the silverware on each place mat and then adds a special touch that we do as a project each week.  Last week, he colored and painted on card stock and then put adhesive letters on each one to spell out the names.  He decided what place card he would make for each person and also decided the seating order.
Today we have a special treat for each dinner guest that he is quite excited about.  Since it is top secret, I will have to wait until later tonight to share photos.
I am enjoying this Family Dinner Friday.  And if any of the other grand kids and families are ever back in Tucson on a Friday night, what a treat that would be!

One thought on “TGIF

  1. Connie,When we were young, both in Chicago and here, we would have family and friend dinners every friday night. Friday night is the beginning of "Shabbat", our day of rest. We would light a pair of candles, bless them to signify the end of the hard work week, have a sip of wine, bless and give thanks for the "fruit of the vine" and break bread, "Cholla", and pray to God in appreciation for bringing forth "bread from the earth". Part of it is to say "and to all that are hungry, please join our table". You are starting a fantastic tradition that will be remembered for generations. Have a lovely weekend. God Bless. Larry


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